Lexington wedding photographer: Angie & Jeremy - Rich Copley, photographer ~ Lexington, Ky.
Angie and Jeremy spent their Memorial Day weekend getting married on the Northeast side of Lexington. They had a big family wedding at Old Paris Road Church of God, tucked away on — surprise! — Old Paris Road, and then ran just up Paris Pike (New Paris Road?) to The Thoroughbred Center, which knows how to throw a wedding reception.

Old Paris’s sanctuary has a contemporary look with enough of a traditional feel that it is beautiful for a wedding. The grounds were also great and green for group shots, as long and we shot tight enough not to get Paris Pike in the pictures, and then there was that family center with the carpeted (!) basketball court. Great for groomsmen. Angie and Jeremy both had big families with lots of fun kids in on the act. It was a day with a lot of meaning, but no one got too serious. Holiday weekend, people.

Even if you have been to the Thoroughbred Center for an event, you probably don’t know the whole place. Angie and Jeremy’s reception was in the cozy front room with a staff that made events flow seamlessly and quickly — these guys had a big honeymoon to rest up for.

To help document the day, we had a huge assist from Marrianne Russell, a master of the detail shot. Yes, Angie and Jeremy’s wedding put us to work on a holiday weekend, but if you had a more amazing start to the summer it must have been pretty awesome.