Lexington senior picture photographer: Rob, at the movies - Rich Copley, photographer ~ Lexington, Ky.
Lexington senior pictures
Rob is a movie guy.

 He enjoys the movies, is always fairly up on who’s in what, what’s good and not so much, and what’s coming up. So, it makes perfect sense that he works at Lexington’s beloved Kentucky Theatre. And who knows, maybe his work will be up on that screen someday, as Rob is also an actor, and he’s taking a turn at theater directing before his senior year is out.

We did a split senior picture session with Rob, getting together at the Arboretum for a shoot toward the end of last fall, and then continuing a few weeks ago at the Kentucky Theatre. I’ve already told him that if he ends up as a Hollywood big shot, I’m going to send him some of these photos of him watching the screen to remind him how prophetic this shoot was.

Many thanks to Fred Mills and his Kentucky Theatre staff for letting us shoot in their place.