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When I was shooting Rob's senior pictures at the Kentucky Theatre earlier this year, I joked that the movie-mogul-ish shots of him appearing to be in a private screening may be prophetic.

Of course, before those prophecies come true -- Rich Copley ~ Prophet? -- Rob has to get out to L.A. and get some work. And he needs headshots.

And as it happens, Rob is heading to school is Los Angeles. So before he headed west, we got together to take some headshots to use looking for work out there.

A headshot is a bit different than a publicity shot in that we really want the focus to be on the face, to give casting directors a good idea what they will be getting in terms of look if they call this person in. A headshot can be a publicity shot -- I have seen plenty of them in my day job -- but not all publicity shots are headshots.

Rob wanted to stay with a youthful look, so we went with simple T-shirts and sweaters on white and black backgrounds.

Now he's off, and I look forward to shooting him L.A. someday ... maybe at a private screening of his latest film.