131103Ginny (777)-1

As an environmental portrait photographer, I always say that I want to capture people in places that have meaning to them, and our senior pictures shoot with Ginny kind of epitomizes that.

We went to three places very familiar to Ginny: Camp Burnamwood where she has spent many a summer and weekend, even divining a favorite spot on the water to sit and think; her Church, Maxwell Street Presbyterian, where she had played her clarinet many, many times; and the woods near her home, where she can point out fallen trees and changes in the path before you get to them. I think it was when she explained the stick racing game on the bridge – which I believe I recall from Winnie-the-Pooh – that it sort of clicked: Ginny is a brilliant young woman with a world of potential ahead of her. But she’s also had a childhood she’ll never forget.