Lexington photographer: Burnamwood seniors - Rich Copley, photographer ~ Lexington, Ky.

One of the goals of a new photography business, these days, is to move beyond shooting friends. Friends often help you launch and get the word out about your enterprise. And this little business has been privileged to have some great friends support this endeavor at the outset as well as great new acquaintances  who have found us and engaged us since then. 

But it is always nice to work with friends, and these four girls and their parents certainly qualify on that count. I can remember them in child care at church, singing in the cherub choir, and now they are ready to take over the planet. At their request, we gathered at Camp Burnamwood, where they have spent many a summer and weekend, and took a set of group pictures in addition to shots for their senior pictures. 

This session was a great way to spend a fall afternoon, and what was really great was  to see was that though these are four very different girls, their friendship is solid, rooted in their lives together, and Burnamwood.