Lexington Senior Pictures: Annie - Rich Copley, photographer ~ Lexington, Ky.
131101Annie (850)

Annie's mom walked into the shoot, I looked at her and said, "There's a UK game."

Here, we had planned a twilight shoot in downtown Lexington and forgotten one of the major things you need to pay attention to when planning anything in the vicinity of Rupp Arena between November and March: Are the University of Kentucky Wildcats playing in town?


For a moment.

All it took was Annie, her thousand-watt smile and roll-with-it attitude to turn the lemons this senior pictures shoot offered into lemonade. She looked like a star out there being photographed while Cats fans streamed by, and by-the-way, the Cats did win.

(That said, if you want to schedule a senior shoot downtown, we will check the basketball schedule.)