Lexington senior pictures

The No. 1 source for finding the best places in a park is a kid, or at least someone who played in the park as a kid.

About half way through our senior pictures shoot at Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, Jacob's mother mentioned that he had a favorite tree to play in and around on the property when he was a boy. They took me over, and indeed, it was this magnificent specimen of twists and turns and unusual angles, and ultimately at tree that a friend who is a tree expert tells me is very well known in Lexington.

I found it through the eyes of a child, albeit one who is now ready to head out into the world. In school, Jacob has been dedicated to the demanding sport of football and academics, but he has also been willing to give his time to help people in Lexington and beyond.

He doesn't exactly know where the college path will take him, but if he keeps that boyish sense of adventure, Jacob will find great things.

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