Woodford County senior picture photography: Brett, plus horses! - Rich Copley, photographer ~ Lexington, Ky.
So, we were getting started with our shoot shortly after 7 a.m., patiently working with the sun, which kept slipping behind clouds, and then we realized it: We had company.

A group of fillies saw Brett, his mom, and me at work and wandered over to see what was going on. Like I said in a Facebook post, you know you're shooting in Kentucky when you get photo-bombed by horses.

This was one of the most energetic senior shoots I have participated in. Within a couple of hours, we got Brett looking dignified in front of his family home, hanging around the creek he has enjoyed for years, longboarding, and even playing his guitar for horses.

And Brett's energy never flagged, I guess because this was sort of a day-in-the-life for him. And you know, getting photo-bombed by horses isn't bad.