Rich Copley photographed in Times Square, New York City, December 2006 by Aaron Lee Fineman.

The tools are mass-produced and mechanical: metal and glass with sophisticated computers on board. 

The results are highly personal: memories and milestones to be treasured for a lifetime. 

I can get as geeky as any shutterbug drooling over new photography gear, which seems to get more sleek and fun with each passing year. But what truly satisfies my soul is capturing moments and creating images that will tell the stories of a lifetime.

Storytelling is something I have been practicing professionally for more than two decades as a writer and journalist.

In 2008, that work brought me back around to my collegiate passion for photography, albeit in a very different world. Gone were little yellow and green cylinders of film, and now the darkroom I thought I would someday build in my basement is in my computer.

But the aim is the same: striking images that tell your story. Since 2011, I have turned that passion into a little moonlight, working one-on-one with people to tell their stories in pictures.

So, welcome to my virtual storefront. Please have a look around and contact me if you feel like I am the photographer that can help tell your story.

All the best,
Lexington, Kentucky